The board is always working on improving the labs equipment and parts inventory. If you or your company has anything to donate, don’t hesitate to send an email to “styrelsen [at]”.

Monetary donations can be sent to Admittansens Plusgiro: 919149-5

Below is a list of things we gladly accept as well as what we currently have enough of.

Things we gladly receive:

  • Test equipment – Oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, bench power supplies
  • Tools – Soldering stations, power tools
  • Through-hole components – MOSFETs, microcontrollers, LEDs
  • Cool stuff – Nixie tubes, vacuum tubes, flip-dot screens, 3D-printer (If it’s cool we want it!)
  • Digital pricetags – E-Ink is cool!
  • Laptops – Even broken ones, there is a lot of good stuff in them!
  • Computer parts – You can build speakers out of harddrives!
  • Audio equipment – See the bullet above
  • Monitors –  Would be nice to change from 4:3
  • Printers – There is fun stuff in them.

Things we do NOT have a need for:

  • Surface mount passives  – Resistors, capacitors, inductors (We have > 100 000 of those right now)
  • Outdated components – Analog TV tuner chips, Floppy-Disk drives (We already have those in the lab)
  • 74-series logic – Except for NAND-gates! NAND-gates are good to have if one would be stranded on a desert island…
  • Too big stuff – We have limited space in the lab

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