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This thursady on 11/05 we have a “löd-öl” (beer-solder) at the lab! Bring something to drink and learn to solder if you haven’t before or fix up that project you haven’t had time to work on. You can even get to use our new spot welder! Because we have a limited amount of soldering stations it’s best if you sign up to garuantee you’ll get a chance to solder. If nothing else, it’s alright to come over to the lab to shoot the shit and talk about electronics.

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Where: In / outside the lab (Rydsvägen 250) (Call if you aren’t able to get past the entry, a number will be posted on the door)

When: Drop in from 19:00 on thursday the 11th of may.

(Last updated: 07/05/2023)

About Us

Admittansen is a nonprofit electronics club in Linköping open to students, alumni and staff of Linköping University.
Our lab is located on the top floor of Rydsvägen 250 and is equipped with soldering stations, various analog and digital equipment as well as tools for etching circuit boards with high precision.

From 7pm (19:00) to 8pm (20:00) on Mondays during the semester there will be members of the board in the lab to accept memberships and assist with your electronics projects. You pay for a year of membership, and with that you get unlimited access to the lab 24/7 and invites to ‘members only’ events. Membership costs 200 SEK, but if you live in student Ryd the price is reduced to 150 SEK. The first year has a discount of 50 SEK. If the door downstairs is locked you can try call the number on the right under “Labtelefon”, if someone is there they will come down and let you in. If you want to get in contact with Styrelsen (the board), send a mail to styrelsen [at]

For information about membership go here.

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